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Auntie Jessie

Spiritual Advisor

Astrological Consultation Offerings

Chart Briefing - $80 (60 min)

Celestial mandala

Foundational Reading - $107 (90 min)

Explore More - $197 (120 min)

Occupational Planning - $260 (120 min)

Relationship Synastry - $395 (2 charts)

Family Dynamics (up to 5 charts) - $557

More offerings

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Tarot & Oracle Divination -$53

Full Numerology Package -$161

Distance Reiki -$80 (60 min)

Gender-Affirming Name Selection - $0


Hi, Im Auntie Jessie

As a Spiritual Advisor, Occultist, Medium, and Reiki Master ​with 30 years of experience, I am here to help. My approach ​is anchored in the belief that by cultivating connections with ​the Good Spirits, anyone can lead a fulfilling and ​empowered life without having to submit to oppressive ​traditions.

My abilities were first recognized at the age of 11 by a ​friend's mother, who gifted me with a book to nurture my ​Spiritual talents. I have been offering my services to the ​public since 2020. My cultural heritage and Ancestral Spirits ​serve as the foundation of my practice, and I am committed ​to providing spiritual support to everyone, including ​members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people from various ​ethnic backgrounds, and those who may have been ​victimized by cults or their church.

At the heart of my philosophy is the belief that everyone ​deserves answers to their Spiritual questions. I tap into the ​archetype of Auntie so as not to be the ultimate authority ​figure like a Mother might, but a warm, wise and silly crone ​to offer guidance and support you need to make positive ​changes in your own life.

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Located in Redlands, California

Jessie Pearl Labrie isa Certified Reiki Master taught by Master Teacher ​Melissa Crowhurst. A portion of my Reiki proceeds are donated to the ​Japanese American National Museum

Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, CA

My Spiritual Ethics

My practice has undergone significant changes over the years. ​With each new boundary that I encountered with myself, my ​clients, and my spirits, I have made modifications to better serve ​my clients and myself. It's important to note that this approach is ​not dogmatic; instead, it is a flexible guide.

As a practitioner, it is vital to be transparent about the services I ​offer and those I am striving to build. Mine is a practice that is ​based on integrity and promotes healthy client-practitioner ​relationships. For me, it's crucial to dedicate a considerable ​amount of attention and energy towards maintaining robust ​spiritual boundaries while keeping an open mind.

If you seek guidance on initiating the healing process for ​generational trauma cycles or need to address healing from ​institutionalized religion, or aim to establish spiritual boundaries ​with clients as a healthcare or aesthetic professional, I am here to ​support you. If you are navigating a spiritual awakening, I am here ​to assist you. If you sense a calling to explore a path of ​connection with unseen realms, where the boundary between the ​ordinary and the enchanting is faint, I am here to support and ​empower you on this quest.But please note that my guidance is not ​a substitute for professional medical advice from licensed ​healthcare providers.

Sometimes it is my duty to convey difficult or disheartening ​news. While it may be tempting to sugarcoat the message or ​sidestep it altogether, it would be dishonest to do so. I always ​strive to deliver my messages in a kind and compassionate ​manner, but dishonesty is not an option.

Admittedly, my translations are not perfect as they are a ​reflection of my personal understanding, knowledge, ​experience, wisdom and connections. I encourage you to take ​the time to decipher the messages you receive from me by ​allowing messages they receive to “marinate. By doing so, you ​can better understand and clarify the information provided.

If I am unable to receive an answer to a client's question, or an ​intended result of my work, I make it clear that I won't try to force ​something that isn't meant to be.

If a client becomes overly dependent on readings, it may be ​necessary to end the professional relationship and decline ​further payment to ensure that sessions remain focused on self-​empowerment. You must meet the universe halfway. Magic is ​not a substitute for hard work, common sense, reality, physics, ​or medical treatment.

I acknowledge that even the most rational and grounded ​individuals can be frightened by things they don't fully ​comprehend. If this is the case for you, I offer services such as ​curse and attachment removal, release from karmic contracts, ​exorcisms, etc. at no charge.

My ethnic heritage is mainly European, with roots in English, ​French, German, and Scottish backgrounds. Additionally, my ​ancestors come from Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark. ​Since my practice is deeply connected to my ancestral roots, I ​need to consider specific cultural aspects when determining if I ​am the right guide for you. If I believe that another guide could ​better cater to your requirements and offer more suitable ​guidance, I will communicate this openly.